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What is involved in my Initial Examination Cleans?

Examinations Cleans are required to keep you in perfect oral health. You can look at it like servicing your car! The longer you leave your service the more chance there is of things going wrong.

On your first examination takes about an hour as we will look through at all your teeth and soft tissues (as they need to be looked after as well) and list what has been done in the past and what may need to be done.

We will also try to establish the last time you have had dental x-rays (we advise these to be done every 2 years) if you are due for these we will request that you get 2 (One for each side of the mouth) If the dentist finds you to be free of cavities etc he/she will then request that you have a clean and fluoride treatment and then set you up for your recall visit in 6 months.

If issues have been found then a full dental treatment plan will be set up for you. This will involve setting up appointments, prioritising the treatment as well as quoting for the work that needs to be done. We will make all your appointment times to work into your busy life. This will see you through to perfect oral health; after the treatment is completed to get your beautiful healthy smile back, the next time you see us will be only for your minor servicing! 

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