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What are Dentures?

Dentures are use to replace missing teeth.

Partial acrylic dentures

These dentures are used to fill in the spaces of missing teeth you may have. Clasps are generally used on some of the remaining teeth to anchor the denture in. 

Full acrylic dentures

Full dentures are offered when the patient has no more teeth in the Upper/ Lower arch. We do like our dentures to look as natural as possible so we always suite the tooth style and shape to your face. 

Partial metal dentures

Partial metal dentures are used the same as Acrylic dentures. Because of the strength of the metal being used across the palette or the lower section of the mouth the metal can be made thinner than the typical acrylic and patients state they are more comfortable and a lot more stronger.

Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are used when the person is having and extraction and doesn’t want to leave the practice without a tooth in its place.

This can be done by either setting up a new partial denture with the replacement tooth or have an extra tooth placed on you current partial denture.   

How Long does it take to have Dentures made?

If your not having and immediate denture made then the appointments for dentures are as follows

  1. Initial appointment – First impressions or scan
  2. Special tray – Secondary impression, this will give us more information for a betting fitting denture as it picks up the finer details like muscle moment etc.
  3. Bite registration – This stage is very important as we need to work out your vertical dimension and how you bite, an incorrect bite can cause lots of grief for you as can make the denture flip up causing when biting and cause you trouble when eating, it will also cause you to have pain in the TMJ (Tempromandibular Joint). We will also take the shade/colour or your teeth at this appointment too.
  4. Try in – This stage is the part that’s fun! You finally get to see your new teeth either in wax or a 3D print version. We do advise for this appointment that you bring a loved one, as we find their opinion is super important at this time in what they think of your new teeth. If if need to make changes to tooth shape,colour or even how straight you want them this can be done at this appointment. If everything is all good and you are happy to proceed then we send your denture off to get processed.
  5. Now today is the day you get you new teeth! the dentist will insert your denture ensuring it is as comfortable as possible. You will be given instructions on how to care for your denture also. at this appointment we normally make a follow up time just so we can check on you to make sure you have no high spots on your gum that can get irritated.

Are dentures easy to wear?

Just like a new pair of shoes dentures can take time to get use to, persistence is the key as well as follow up appointments for minor adjustments. As dentures are not a natural part of your body eating is a learning process but trust us you will get there!

Denture Care  

Denture care is very important and should be a part of your daily hygiene routine, your denture should be cleaned with a mild detergent (Not toothpaste) and a soft brush, then dried and placed into your denture container every night.  We recommend you don’t sleep with your denture in as this will give your soft tissues a chance to relax and breath overnight, it will also reduces the chance of getting Denture stomatitis (Candida).  Denture tablets like Polident can be used prior to brushing also.


Orthodontics & Removable appliances

Orthodontics and removable appliances are used to correct such things as crooked, crowded and misaligned teeth and bites. Orthodontics is not just for aesthetical use but they can also have a huge impact in helping correcting Jaw issues that can cause lifelong discomfort. 

Here at Dentist @ Clyde we will walk you through the full treatment, from planning how long it will take to achieve that perfect smile and bite, right through to support and advice in cleaning and maintaining your braces or removable appliances so the outcome is not only a beautiful one but a healthy one as well.    

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